Why is My Quickbooks Running So Slow?

It is challenging to find what causes QuickBooks to run slow. Without knowing it, one cannot use it at its finest speed. If you are a new user and facing the same issue and want to know why is my quickbooks running so slow? Then you have to land in the right place. In the coming paragraphs, you will learn about the reason and the solution. 

Some top reasons why QuickBooks is running slow 

There could be different reasons, and covering it all is not possible. To simplify things, you can learn about some that are easy to resolve. 

Using It In Poor Network 

It could be the primary reason behind not working with QuickBooks. But still, many people ignore this and go for the most complex solution, which may be time-consuming and need investment to resolve. To increase the operation time of the QuickBooks, you can opt for some network. Though there is no fixed network speed, it may occur in some cases due to net fluctuation. Still, it is advisable to use a network with more than 7,500 rpm for better function. Though, you can first use QuickBooks with some other internet connection. If you find it good, you can change it, it will save your time, but if you find that the issue still persists, you can follow the other methods to resolve the issue fast. 

Using Obsolete Version Of Quickbooks 

It is not only with this software; if you use the old version, you may find it slow to run, like quickbooks working slow. So, you can search for the latest version of the QuickBooks and install it or update it to the new one. It can speed up the working of the QuickBooks, and even it is suitable for security purposes. You can find that your software is more users friendly and does not let external malware disturb the working. 

Install In Less Than 64-Bit Computer 

The user often makes this mistake that they don’t know for the perfect functioning of QuickBooks; they must have a computer with more than 64-Bit. With this, the system must equip with a fast clock speed. So if you have installed a less than 64-bit system, it may work, but eventually, you can face slow working of the software. It would be better to go with the latest one and then install this software in the system. 

Upgrade The Current RAM 

RAM always has importance in the flawless working of the software. Even you can use multiple applications at the same time. However, the system with less RAM may run, but they fail to meet the expected operating time. It is always recommended that one use the system with at least 8 GB or higher RAM. Below, this operating such heavy application is not possible. 

These are some basic methods to overcome the issue fast, but if the problem still exists, you can rely on QuickBooks phone number for quick support. You can get the solution in real-time and again use Quickbooks with its full efficiency.


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