Why is my Snapchat not working?

Solution 1: Check Network to Fix iOS 12/11 Snapchat Connection Issue. Go to: Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings. After your iOS device restart, you can then try again to use Snapchat. Tips: If you are using a VPN, turn it off and see if you can connect.

How do I fix my Snapchat?

iOS Install Issues

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Storage & iCloud Usage.
  4. Tap Manage Storage.
  5. Tap Snapchat.
  6. Tap Delete App.
  7. Then, please try re-installing through the App Store once again.

How do you fix Snapchat when it says no snaps?

If you experience the same, follow this article to fix Snapchat that is not loading Snaps!

  1. Restart Your Phone.
  2. Clear Snapchat Cache (Android only)
  3. Clear Conversation.
  4. Check Network Connection.
  5. Change DNS.
  6. Re-add A Friend.
  7. Update or Reinstall Snapchat

Why is my Snapchat crashing?

Snapchat keeps crashing: Reboot the app

This can refresh the app and solve the problem immediately. If this doesn't work, Snapchat recommends restarting your device. The app crashing could be rooted in your phone acting up.

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