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We use various kinds of services to send and receive emails.  There are plenty of email services which we used on a regular basis in order to send and receive emails. Some used free email services and some used standard email services on frequent basis depending upon one’s  privacy and security of the data. There is plenty of standard email services in the world. One such standard email service is Road Runner. For any kind of queries and problem one can call at the Road Runner Toll Free number.

Get support help to know about the features of Road Runner

Road Runner is one of the standard email services which are used by thousands of users across the world. It is one of the most popular standard email services provide companies in the world. The company has not only restricted itself to email service business but also provides internet as well as entertainment and various kinds of new service to the user.  The company follows the highest code of user security as well as its strong encryption tools which provides total security against any type of attacks. But typically Road Runner comes with various features and facilities.  One can take assistance through Roadrunner Contact Number to resolve the issue on immediate basis.Some of the common features of Road Runner are :

Easily Allow and block email messages in Road Runner

Road Runner  email services provide a very simple and interactive interface. The great thing about the email services is it allows you to block an email or domain name with only few mouse click. In case if you never want to receive emails from an speicified domain name then its simple go to the setting button and click on the customize mailbox option and then click on Allow and block message options and make sure to click on it. Or further assistance contact their support number .

Easily access your Road Runner account from a different email program using IMAP

Road runner email account can be access form using other email programs. One has to go to the desktop email application and  change these settings. One need to Write the IMAp server name, as well as IMAP port no 993 and Security SSL/TLS as well as username ( Your full email address ) then your password and similarly one can change the configuration of SMTP setting by typing SMTP Port No -587 and security STARTTLS and then username as well as password.

Spectrum/RoadRunner Helpline Number

Despite that if you ever face any problem or issue while working on the RoadRunner account then one need to directly call at their RoadRunner Helpline Number. They have a highly skillful technical expert team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to fix the issue on time.

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