Does Instagram Show Birthday?

In today’s current scenario of social media trend, most of the people prefer using Instagram over any other social media application because of its interesting features, trends and other perks. Instagram basically came into the stardom few years ago but ever since it rose to popularity, more people started getting connected and Facebook took it over later. As a user of Instagram, you will always get number of interesting features to look upon and use. You can take your own time to explore the application and experiment with using pictures, videos or connecting with friends.

Can someone see anyone’s birthday on Instagram?

Ever since Instagram can in the limelight, a lot of features resemble Facebook and people find it confusing while accessing Instagram. And one such similar feature is of entering birthday details while accessing the Instagram.

 It is pretty much evident that if you enter your personal details while signing in the Instagram account then it is mandatory to enter the birthdates. And if you enter the details related to the birthday then you can always check it whenever you want to.

Does Instagram notify someone’s birthday?

As a user, you can check your birthday whenever you want to but if you expect that Instagram will notify you about someone else’s birthday then you are totally wrong. Usually Instagram does not allow anyone to see or notice others birthday unlike Facebook but you can check yours if needed.

How to find someone’s birthday through Instagram?

  1. If you are willing to wish your online friends on their birthdays but not really sure as how to find out about someone’s birthday then for that you can simply follow the below given tricks.
  2. Surely Instagram will not remind or let you know that today is someone’s birthday in your followers list just like Facebook does. But one thing that you can surely do is to follow all your close friends and scroll through their birthday wishes.
  3. You can take advantage of their photo gallery, birthday stories or other highlights and get an idea of much asked question that is does Instagram show birthday.

How to put your birthday on Instagram?

 A lot of people want to upload their birthdays but they have no idea as how you would do that. And to fix the issue of people, you can take the help of the following steps.

The only way to upload the birthday of the Instagram user is only possible only when you are signing up for the account. You can simply go to the sign in option of the Instagram and then fill out the name of the user and the other details which also has birthday date which you can view as per your need.

How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram without informing them?

A lot of people get excited about finding the birthday of their friends but they can’t find out. However to work on finding birthdays, you can follow up with day to day activities of your friends on Social media or even get the hint from Facebook.

Taking the help of the Instagram customer care

For all the issues that users face in their Instagram account, the help center of the Instagram is available all the time. You can simply go to the settings on your Instagram account and then tap on help center tab and follow the instructions related to the account.

You can type the exact doubt you are facing and then you will get recommendations and then you can choose the one you are going through and then you can find the answer to that. The support team will be available 24x7 and you can take the help of the support team at any time of the day and get all the notifications related to does Instagram notify birthday. 

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