Does Norton Automatically Scan?

If you are also a Norton Antivirus user and have some queries regarding it, then read the below-given article and get over your queries in a jiffy.

A brief overview of Norton antivirus 

Norton is one of the topmost brands that is preferred by a lot of users across the cloth when it comes to a secure antivirus for their personal device. The initial release of the antivirus was done in February 1991 but the stable release of the antivirus version of Norton was done in the year 2014. For the last 7 years, the antivirus brand is providing us the best of its services.

In this article, you will get the information about the query faced by maximum people whether the Norton Antivirus scans itself automatically or not. Read ahead for the details.

A comprehensive note about whether the Norton Antivirus scans itself automatically or not. 

Undoubtedly, people do get worried about the query: Does Norton automatically scan? Norton allows can scan for viruses in your system automatically, making sure that the system is free from viruses and all your precious data is secured. But, while doing the automatic scans Norton takes a lot of resources and therefore may slow down the system, and the task that you were doing may get slow because of that. Thankfully, Norton comes with a task scheduler, with the help of which you can easily let the system scan for viruses in a scheduled time. You can easily select the time window in which your system's resource usage is low.

To enable this feature, you can follow these steps to create a new task:-

  1. Open Norton Antivirus software by going to the application menu.
  2. Click on the Edit menu and click on "New Scheduled Scan" from the options.
  3. It will open up a new page where you can click on the type of scan, you can choose, quick, full, or custom scan. Click next.
  4. Enter the name of the task in the name field, and click next.
  5. Select the frequency of the scan when you want it to happen, daily, weekly,-  or monthly. Select the time from the menu also.
  6. Click Save.

This will start running the task of automatic scan on the designed time and schedule making sure that it is using fewer resources as possible. It will also, update the virus definitions automatically, to get updates on the new type of viruses on your system.

This is everything that you need to know about the Norton antivirus and its functioning on your personal device. Please know that you can contact the Norton customer service support team from anywhere and anytime in the world whenever you need any kind of assistance or support from them. You can contact them by phone call or live chat facility or you can drop them an email regarding your queries and they will revert you back with the possible and effective solutions to your problems. The executives there are efficient enough to assist you with all your queries in a responsive and dedicated manner. 

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