Does Royal Air Maroc Have Extra Legroom Seats?

Yes, royal air maroc has extra legroom seats. If you have booked a flight with royal air maroc, then you are in for a real treat. The ambience of the in-flight services is such that you feel it is your second home. A friendly, approachable, cordial and polite cabin crew is what you find when you get to interact with them. 

If you are wondering does royal air maroc have extra legroom seats, absolutely yes, it does have. 

The royal air maroc has two classes-

  1. The Business Class and 
  2. The Economy Class

The Business Class-

You are warmly welcomed by the royal air maroc cabin crew, where you would be able to settle down in your leather seat and enjoy the welcome drink. Avail of the advantage of the cloakroom service and discover a range of products available for your comfort.

To make your trip a pleasant one, royal air maroc management has equipped each seat with a pillow, a blanket and a toiletry bag. The seats have certain features that have been specially designed for your absolute relaxation during the flight. These seats can be adjusted into a bed-like position, while the outer shell of your seat gives you the privacy to sleep without being disturbed. There is also a feature of massage function which you can try whenever you desire throughout the flight.

The cabin crew of royal air maroc is always at your disposal; please do not hesitate to ask them for any assistance whatsoever. This is where royal air maroc large seat is available.

In-flight entertainment-

There is a large selection of-

  1. Newspapers and magazines, which is also available in a digital format. 
  2. With video-on-demand, enjoy a selection of over forty-five programmes with current and classic Hollywood films, Arabic films, documentaries and TV series. 
  3. There is a unique selection of one hundred and fifty albums of every genre of music to enjoy
  4. Or have a great time playing on the variety of games that they offer on your individual fifteen point three inch screens.

The Economy Class-

With its new cabin segment, Royal Air Maroc strives to enhance your flight through comfort, space, individual screens, and more. You are, for sure, going to be impressed with the new Royal Air Maroc cabins.

If you are travelling in Economy Class for medium or short-duration flights, you are sure to appreciate the comfort and attentive service on board the Economy Class.

To improve your well-being and convenience during your journey with Royal Air Maroc, it offers it's Economy Class long-haul customers a pillow, a blanket and a travel kit. Also, a royal air maroc extra seat is available in case anyone needs it.

In-flight entertainment

All the economy class passengers have an individual eight point nine nch screen to watch a wide selection of totally free content, inclusive of 

  1. A selection of hundred and fifty Urban Label Albums including: Andalusian music, classical music, easy listening, Golden oldies, international hits, jazz and relaxation.
  2. Quran script reading
  3. Tenty-odd video games
  4. A geovision system

To make your trip more enjoyable, you can go through the company’s RAM Magazine, where you find relevant information about royal air maroc, entertainment, and products sold during flight.

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