How do i fix my google play service?

While working with Google services on a smartphone device, users may confront a number of troubles. You are one of then and stuck with your problems, you need to read along to get a genuine result for your search.

Steps to fix your Google Play service related issues:

Update Google Play Service App: If you are using outdated apps for Google Play service then you may face Google Play services error on Google Play Store or other Google Apps. 

In order to get rid of the problem, you need to update your App by following the given steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store of your Android device and select My Apps from the menu.
  2. It will display the installed apps. From there, tap Update All button.
  3. Wait for a while to update the apps.
  4. Then, reboot your Android device.

Check if the Google Play Services error has been fixed.

Clear cache of Google Play services apps: Google Play services controls all the Google apps and sometimes get wonky. Clearing the cache to reset the Google Play services to its default state may fix your bug. You can clear the cache from the Application Manager option of your apps settings. After clearing the apps cache, Google Play service will start running in the background and fix any persisting issue.

Reboot your device: This is the basic troubleshooting strategy that resolves a number of Google Play Store services related issues. This type of errors occur when a  certain app crashes or some background services may stop. In such situation, you can get rid of your problem just by simply restarting your device. 

Check the date and time settings of your device: Google checks the date and time of the android device and if the store does not find a time and a error may be displayed. To fix the issue, go to the Settings of your Android device and under the System menu, check the date and time of your device. You can also opt Automatic Date and Time to correct the settings.

Check the internet connection: To access the Google services, it is the foremost requirement to connect your device with the internet. If you are facing any Google Play Services then check the internet connection or WiFi connection. You can also try switching your phone to aeroplane mode and back again.

After opting the above mentioned troubleshooting steps, you will be able to fix all your Google related problems. If the problem is still persisting, you can contact the customer service



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