How to get Google Maps on iPhone and iPad?

Google maps is developed by Google which provides the service of web-mapping. Its features include street views, real-time traffic conditions, street maps etc. It also offers a service in which a user can select the destination and transportation, then Google Maps will show the distance and approximate time to reach the destination by the transport that was chosen. 

It provides the service of offline maps iPhone.

  1. In order to use the Google Maps, the user can download it from the App store on the iPhone and install the free app.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and the user will see the current location on the map and after that various locations can be searched which will show the estimated time to reach along with the total distance.
  3. The sidebar option in Google maps enables the real-time traffic, get transport directions etc. It comes up on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. If a user taps and hold on any part of the map, under the fingertip a red pin will appear. If required, drag the pin to a particular location. If tapped on the pin, it will show info regarding the location.
  5. If the iPhone user wants, they can download the maps to use it while being offline due to loss of data. The offline maps also save the battery of the phone.

In order to know how to download Google maps to use offline, follow the below listed steps:

  1. The user needs to open Google maps on the iPhone/iPad to download the maps and use it offline.
  2. To proceed with the steps, the user should check that the internet is connected and the user is signed in to the Google maps.
  3. Search for a place where the user wants to visit.
  4. Then user needs to tap at the bottom of the screen, there they tap the name or address of the place that is selected and then tap on more.
  5. Then, download offline map is selected and it is downloaded.

How offline maps work:

After downloading the map, if the user opens up the Google maps in order to navigate and the internet is slow or not working, offline maps will work in this situation and will show the navigation.

In case of Google maps not working or any other issue, Google technical support can be contacted. The technical people in Google will assist the users with the best possible solution. The contact info of the customer service is mentioned on the official website of Google Maps.


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