How do I Change my Royal Jordanian Booking?

Whether you are a victim of circumstances that are beyond your control or unavoidable circumstances or you choose to change your plan, then you will find that changing a flight booking is a task that will come up on some occasion. If you want to change your booking with  Royal Jordanian and thinking, How do I change my Royal Jordanian booking? It is very simple to change your Royal Jordanian airlines, so, if you want to change your flight you need to follow the below steps: 

Steps to change your  Royal Jordanian airlines

  1. Visit the homepage of the Royal Jordanian and click on the view my booking tab, and fill your reservation details.
  2. Then you have to select your reservation when customer records appear, go through the instructions to book a new flight. 
  3. Check your new flight information, this will also contain any change in airfare. 
  4. After that you have to conor your new flight booking when you asked for it. You can also choose a seat for your new flight reservation at this time. 
  5. Then you can print a copy of your new flight receipt so  you don’t have any problem when you check in for your flight on the day of your flight. 
  6. And lastly, you will get an updated ticket on your Email ID or on your phone number.

After following all the above steps, you can easily change your flight ticket on Royal Jordanian in a quick and easy manner.  

Royal Jordanian Airline Flight Change Policy

  1. The maximum time allowed to make changes in your  Royal Jordanian flight ticket is within 24 hours before your flight departure time. 
  2. You can also check your  flight change charges during your  Royal Jordanian flight change process. 
  3. The flight change fee will be appear on the screen while changing the flight
  4. The passenger can also make changes in the flight dates, time and the flight through which you want to travel. 
  5. If you have sudden death in your family, friends or relatives then you can make changes in your flight.
  6. Also you are not required to pay an amount for making changes in your flight within 24 hours of booking, but you have to pay some amount if you are making changes before the departure time. 

If you still have any doubt, you can directly contact the Royal Jordanian customer service by calling them through the Royal Jordanian phone number for reliable and instant help. 

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