how do i recover my Hotmail account?

Go to in your browser.

  1.     Check the "I forgot my password" box. It's at the top of the page.
  2.     Click Next.
  3.     Enter your email address.
  4.     Enter the verification code.
  5.     Click Next.
  6.     Select an account reset option.
  7.     Enter your email address or phone number.
  8.     Click Send code.

How can I access my old Hotmail account?

Yes, you can access your old Hotmail account with few easy steps;

  1.     Open Outlook .com.
  2.     Fill your Hotmail email ID and password and click on sign in.
  3.     After that you can get your Hotmail account.

How can I access my Hotmail account?


  1.     Locate and type the Hotmail website's URL into the address bar of your browser, and press ↵ Enter when finished. Most browsers have their address bar at the very top.
  2.     Type the appropriate login credentials to sign in.
  3.     Click the "Sign In" button to sign in and open your Hotmail mail account.

How do I get Hotmail back?

Reverting back to Hotmail

  1.     Click the settings icon in the top right.
  2.     Click "Switch Back to Hotmail" from the menu that appears.
  3.     The site will ask you whether you want to send feedback or not. Click whichever you prefer.
  4.     You will be redirected to the old Windows Live Experience.


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