How do You Disable Your Antivirus Software?

Internet twenty years down the line has gone through a lot of revolutions and benchmarks. Needless to say internet is nothing like what it used to be few years back. If you see and compare all the major innovations of internet we will realize from a big computer screen it has settled in small screen of a phone. When we talk about internet or technological boon, Gadgets have become quite advanced and updated.

Also a lot more people have started using computers. From a small organization to managing daily chores, technology has paved its ways everywhere. But everything in excess is wrong. Over using internet and computers bring along bad impacts as well. And that’s what antivirus software is used for. Concept of antivirus is in market since a long time. Ever since we started using computers and the trend became popular, it brought along technical failure as well for this technical invention and that’s popularly called as virus.

Virus is kind of a defect or bad element that deteriorates smooth functioning of computers. Virus affects quality of any kind of devices like computers, laptop or mobile phones. Antivirus software is basically used for this purpose only. The key features of this software’s Antivirus Customer Service are at a glance:

  1. Also known as anti malware, Antivirus software is used to defect, search and block all unknown, unrecognized  pages or sites or programmer running in system.
  2. Any page or link or app that is likely to bring virus or affect smooth functioning of computers is detected by antivirus.
  3. In short antivirus is used as a filtered layer to stop these unknown sites or links from entering the device or system.
  4. When all the office as well as college work is been done on computer, we visit a lot of unknown or new sites maybe online or offline for our work. From surfing internet to chatting or even shopping online we use internet, a lot of virus or cache gets piled up and collected. Therefore all systems should have antivirus installed to stop your computer’s processor from getting spoiled.

Sometimes we also might have to remove already installed antivirus software because of any reason like we want to re install a new one or maybe removing the system only. Therefore steps to remove already running antivirus software are as follows:

  1. Tap on whichever version of antivirus your system is running on.
  2. Drag its icon till notification area in taskbar mostly in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Right click on the icon and choose the option of disable or even exit the program.
  4. Always disable your antivirus program only if you are installing new program. And you are done!

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