How To Bypass Windows 10 Password with Command Prompt?

Windows 10 is the major release of Windows NT the operating system that is developed is Microsoft. Windows 10 is the tool that is the most updated version of PCs through which users can very smoothly operate their devices without any disturbance. Windows 10 receives new builds on an ongoing basis, which is available for the user at an additional cost.

The command prompt is the cmd.exe default command-line interpreter for the OS/2, Microsoft Windows & ReactOS operating systems. Its implementation can differ on the various systems but its working behavior & the basic set of commands are generally consistent. Now if in case you need to know about how to bypass windows 10 password with command prompt, so that user can perform this activity without any hustle or bustle.

So, for that you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below for your help & guidance;

  1. At first boot from the Windows 10 DVD & you have to make sure that your PC setup is configured from the DVD & that UEFI & secure boot are disabled
  2. Now you will have to press SHIFT+F10 so to open the command prompt
  3. Now you will have to replace the file utilman.exe with the cmd.exe, before this step make a copy of utilman.exe so that you can restore this file later
  4. After you have replaced the utilman.exe, then you can also remove DVD & restart your problematic windows 10 installation
  5. Now on the Windows 10 sign-in page you have to click on the utility man-ager icon
  6. Now you can very smoothly add a new user with the command below, you have to install the user into the administrator group, so to get the full control of the windows installation
  7. Now you have to click on the screen to make the sign-in page appear again
  8. And now your new account will show up & you can sign in without a password
  9. Now you can also access the files that are associated with your Microsoft account present in the C:\Users folder
  10. If you used a local account instead of a Microsoft account, then you can easily reset your password in computer management
  11. For that you need to right-click on the start button & click on the computer management & go to the local users & groups, & then right-click on the local account & then select the set password option.

So by following these simple steps you can perform Windows 10 password changing with the help of the Command prompt.

How do I find my password for Windows 10 using command prompt?

Now sometimes it so happens that users need to look for the password for Windows 10 with the help of a command prompt, then they look for the steps with the help of a web browser. Now if you want to know about How do I find my password for Windows 10 using command prompt, so that you can search it with very easy steps to change or look over.

Then you need to just follow these simple & easy steps that will help you as a guide;

  1. Firstly press Win+ X & then select the command prompt (admin) from the menu
  2. Now when the dialogue box prompts click yes so to run the command prompt as admin in Windows 10
  3. Now you will enter the following command in the command prompt to look at the password & reset the local admin password (net user <username> <password>)
  4. Also you can create a new admin account with this command
  5. net user <username> /add
  6. net localgroup administrator <username> /add
  7. At last with this you will successfully reset your admin password.

However, if you need more help & guidance then feel free to contact the customer service team executive at the Microsoft help center for your assistance & help.

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