How to Manage Your Google Privacy Settings?

Google account is widely used due to its features of authenticity, authorization and access to many online services. It is not only used for Google services but also for numerous third-party applications.

If a user has a Google account, it can be linked with many applications and websites. If a user does not have a Google account, it can be simply created on the official webpage. When a user wants to know how to set up a new Google account, below mentioned steps can be used:

  1. The user is asked to enter the personal info for creating a Google account.
  2. If the username is already taken, the user can search for another one.
  3. Once all the info is filled in the given fields, account will be created.
  4. In order to keep the account safe, user needs to link recovery info.
  5. The recovery info includes the phone number, email address and a security question. These recovery methods will help the user in case the access to account is denied.
  6. Simply by filling out the info on Google sign-up page and following the on-screen instructions, the set up of Google account is completed.
  7. Once the account is created and user has a query that where do I find my Google account settings, then the info is provided below:
  8. Initially, the user is required to open the option of Google settings.
  9. Under the Account option, Google account is tapped.
  10. The user can scroll the tabs at the top and choose the one which needs to be managed.
  11. Anything related to personal info, data, activity, security, etc. can be edited in this settings section.
  12. Then, under the services section, a user can tap any service and edit it as per requirement. In this, the connected apps, device phone number, location, security, etc. can be easily managed by the user.
  13. A user can clear the app data from the Google account simply by tapping the More option with three-dots and then clear app data.

How do I protect my privacy on Google?

Here are six good ones.

  1.     Know your privacy rights: Use the Google Privacy Center. 
  2.     Protect your content on the services you use. 
  3.     Turn off the suggestion feature in the Chrome browser. 
  4.     Turn off Web History. 
  5.     Opt out of interest-based ad serving. 
  6.     Add SSL to Gmail. 
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To get info about Google account or its services, a user can contact the technical department of Google. The technical persons of Google will help their users with the best possible solutions. They are well-trained to resolve any queries and issues related to Google account Recovery. The technical department of Google can be easily reached using the contact details mentioned on the official Google website.

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