Why should you use DuckDuckGo in place of Google?

Online Tracking

Do you know that you are sharing your precious secrets with search engines without even thinking? It could be personal, medical or financial information which should be private from others. Your searches are tracked into a data profile for advertisers to follow you on internet.

To keep your data services private you just need to use DuckDuckGo –They are not tracking you regardless of which browsing mode you are in.

Can expect the Unbiased results

When you search on Google every time you will get results tailored to what they think. Personalized results are actually quite dangerous because to show you some results they think you should click and on other side they filter some useful results. That’s also known as the Filter Bubble.

They listen and respond

Google is notorious to block you and which means every time you are almost dead but in DuckDuckGo they respond to every piece of feedback or even respond on social media ,You can Email them and trust me they respond every time.

They don’t trap you

Google try to trap you in “Eco-System” that is it used to be like that each time you click on top result ,overtime Google bring more companies. Moreover DuckDuckGo just want to help you in getting to where you want to go as quick as possible, and simultaneously protect you from that trap.

Searches are not loaded

Our searches are not really loaded up with ads as in Google most of the entire page is ads and for mobile it can be even a worst.

In DuckDuckGo you can search without Fear.

I normally prefer DuckDuckGo rather than Google. For more information on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking you can visit us at Home


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