What Is The Royal Air Maroc Pet Travel Policy?


Royal Air Maroc is the flag carrier of Morocco that was founded 64 years ago and connects more than 100 destinations. It has hubs located at Mohammed V International Airport and focuses on various locations. It comes under the oneworld alliance and offers many rules to its customers that increase the experience of its travelers.

It allows all the customers to travel with pets onboard as many travelers consider them an integral part of their family. However, they are bound to follow various rules that are associated with the pet travel service. It is useful for all the users to have complete knowledge about these rules so that they can complete the air travel easily with this airline.

Royal Air Maroc Pet Travel Policy

  1. In Cabin Rules. Those who want to travel with the pet even on board by using some strict rules. Only the small size of the pets are allowed here that weigh up to 5 KG only. This information must be given at the time of booking and the pet must be carried in the container that totals 115 cm or 55*40*20 cm in dimensions. Show valid documents during the travel by using the following section.
  2. In The Hold. When you are carrying the pet in the hold during travel, follow some rules established by this airline. One of the most important ones is the use of a Container to hold the pet in the flight. The container must be suitable for the size of your pet. That container should be in perfect condition, otherwise, it will be rejected during check in.
  3. Connecting Flights. You are also allowed to carry pets if your Royal Air Maroc travel contains connecting flights. According to the Royal Air Maroc Pet Travel Policy, it is allowed only when your pet is completely vaccinated. Along with that, there must be at least a 2 hours gap between two flights. You need to check the pet again for your onward flight however the complete check-in is necessary only on the first flight.
  4. Various Pet Travel Rules. This rule suggests that you can only travel with a pet on this airline when you adhere to all the rules. These rules vary according to the location where you are travelling. As some passengers are not allowed to carry all their pets in Spain.
  5. Pet Travel Rules By EU. Some animals may pose a great risk of spreading the rabies virus in some EU states. To decrease this risk, EU authorities advise every passenger to carry only those animals that are completely vaccinated. This especially includes the anti-rabies vaccines backed by a proper medical certificate release by a certified veterinarian.

From the above rules, you can get precious information about travelling with pets on this airline. If you are confused and want to know more, you can dial the Royal Air Maroc Helpline Number and talk to its customer support. This support is active 24/7 and ready to help you with any help regarding pet travel in the flights of Royal Air Maroc for both domestic or international destinations.


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