Why Hotmail Not Working In iPhone?

With the smart phone technology, any email account can be accessed. Set up the desired account and access it from anywhere and any time. Hotmail is also one of them. One can add his Hotmail account in his smart phone and receive and send emails. Many people reported the problem of Hotmail Not Working on their iphone.The problem may arises due to few reasons.

  1. Account may be not set up properly.
  2. Or may be the network is not proper.
  3. Or may be the Hotmail has been updated with the Outlook.
  4. Or may be there is a problem in the email app itself.
  5. Or may be it is from the server side only.

Lets check out the possibilities one by one.

  1. If the network is not proper, try to disable the network and enable it again and check the account again.
  2. If the problem is with the upgrade , try to remove the account and add it again with Outlook.
  3. If the problem is from the server side, wait for 24 to 48 hrs to check.
  4. If there is any issue in setting up the account , user can follow the below mentioned steps.

If the Hotmail account is Not responding then user can go through following process.

  1. Delete or Remove the existing account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Then go to Mail, Calendar and Contacts.
  4. Tap on Add Account.
  5. The list of the services will be there. Select Outlook.
  6. Enter the user id and password.
  7. A little description about the account though it us optional.
  8. On the next screen again reenter the Outlook or Hotmail user id and password.
  9. Enter the server name as s.outlook.com.
  10. User can see the verification process going on. 
  11. If verified, the next screen will ask what features of the account user wants to sync with the phone. Enable those which are required.
  12.  User can also set the duration to sync the features like 1 day or 1 week etc.
  13. Tap on Save.
  14. The screen will show that Account Added.
  15. Switch Off the iphone and restart it and check the account status.

If still user is facing the problem of Hotmail account Not connecting to iphone, user can call and ask the executives about the problem. The Hotmail Helpline Number is 24/7 remain open and technicians are always on the line to provide the best possible solutions.


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