Why My Gmail Not Accepting Password?

Gmail is one of the widely used email service providers that users use in all over the world on multiple devices to send and receive emails. Gmail proffers a very simple way of accessing and one can enjoy the best in class mailing services when using their account. But sometimes users also confront problems whenever they try to access their Gmail account and suddenly it says Incorrect Password instead of entering the correct one. And users complain that Gmail is not accepting their password whereas they entered it properly and correctly. There could be plenty of causes for this issue and you can simply fix it after applying simple troubleshooting which is mentioned in this article is a step by step process.

Why My Gmail not Accepting Password?

There are lots of reasons behind the not accepting password of Gmail on your multiple devices and some of them are given below:

  1. Due to incorrect login credentials.
  2. Cookies, caches, and data.
  3. Using an outdated app version.
  4. Improper configuration.
  5. Using multiple accounts on the same device.
  6. Account hacking.

How to Fix Gmail not Accepting Password?

If you want to fix the issue of Gmail, then you can very easily resolve it after following the below simple steps:

Method 1# Check your login credentials

Make sure that the password and another login credentials that you are used to login to your Gmail account in your particular device is correct because using incorrect credentials may also cause plenty of login issues and you can simply fix it by checking your entered password.

Method 2# Update your Gmail app

If your app is out of date, then you may also get Gmail not working issue and you will not be able to login to your Gmail account. You can simply fix this issue after updating your Gmail app to the latest version because every new app version comes with varied bug fixes.

Method 3# Recover your password

If someone will be hacked your Gmail account, then you will also face problems of incorrect password and you can simply fix this issue after recovering your Gmail account and then enter the new password to login to your account.

Method 4# Use another and secure app

Sometimes Gmail doesn’t open in multiple apps when it doesn’t meet the security standards and it blocks your password due to many security reasons. In such conditions, you can install a more secure app and then sign in to your Gmail account.

Method 5# Use an app password

You can also use an app password which is a 16-digit password that provides permission to the non-Google app to access your Gmail account in a very simple and secure way.

You can simply fix Gmail not working issue of password after applying the above-given instructions in a very effective manner. But if the Gmail still not accepting password or have any other difficulty, then you can smoothly contact the customer service team of Gmail and gain the best assistance to fix all sorts of queries.

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