How May i Reset FaceBook Password With My old Password?

Facebook is a social media site which allows user to connect with their colleague, family members and others.With the help of Facebook account, anyone can share images and videos. Most of the users are using Facebook for enhancing their business by post add on their Facebook account. It provides various features so that it is used by many users in all over the world.

When you use Facebook then there might be possibility that you may forget your forget your password. To access your Facebook account you need to reset Facebook password. If you are not aware how to reset Facebook password then you may contact to Facebook Password Reset Number. You will be direct contact of Facebook technician after making call on this number. We are describing some steps to reset Facebook password. You need to follow given below steps:

  1. If you remember your old password then go to the settings option and click on the security and login option.
  2. After that click on the edit option then next to change password.
  3. Finally you will have to click on the save changes.
  4. Otherwise You will have to go to the Find your account page.
  5. Here you will have to type your email address then mobile number.
  6. You need to enter full name or username which is associated to your user account then click on the search option.
  7. You are required to follow the on screen instructions.
  8. After that you need to answer some security question.
  9. Then you will get a link on your email address which you are using currently.
  10. Click on that link ,here your facebook account will be open.

Facebook Account Password Reset Number

Now you can easily reset your Facebook password but there may be some users who may not find these steps are relevant then they are required to call on the password recovery phone number. They will get major help from Facebook technician. They will never let you down for providing best and efficacious solution. They will provide you remote support to get rid of all the issue related to Facebook account. You can avail help in many ways such as phone support and online chat support.

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