How To Deactivate Instagram id?

Social media platforms like Instagram are being used by a large number of users. From sharing of the photos, and of adding the live story with the help of the intricate inbuilt features to give your existence on Trending Instagram. An eye of everything beautiful in the world to get the mesmerizing view of the fascinating people around you, but what when you want to deactivate the Instagram account how you will going to deactivate it, Newbie’s generally encounter with this simply solve the problem. 

For deactivation of the Instagram account, Instagram gives you access to two options. Users can either temporarily deactivate the Instagram account or delete Instagram account to permanently remove Instagram profile as well as the images, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers. So If you've made up your mind to start the process. Here you will see all the simple steps to deactivate the Instagram account in a simple, safe and secure way.

Find below the simple steps to deactivate the Instagram account.

Stick with the steps to deactivate the Instagram account

  1. At the beginning of the process, go to the official website of the Instagram account from any device.
  2. In the next move, click on the “Edit profile” and along with select on the “Temporarily disable my account”.
  3. After following the above, you will be asked to enter the password and deactivate Instagram by choosing the appropriate reason for deactivating the Instagram account.
  4. After selecting a reason, you will be asked to re-enter the password, and you showcase an option to temporarily disable the account.
  5. Now tap or click on the Temporarily disable account button to accomplish the process of deactivating the account.

It is noted that the users are not allowed to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account by using the Instagram app on your mobile devices and the desktop. Besides, if the account has been stopped working or deactivated, users can reactivate it by simply login back with the help of login credentials. After deactivating the Instagram account. You found that your Instagram profile, pictures, comments, and likes will be hidden until you reactivate your Instagram account. Furthermore, the user is allowed to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account only once in a week.

 Instagram set numerous options to enhance the posts to be private or block people, suppose if you don't want to deactivate your Instagram account but willing to do changes to fix your privacy and preferences.

Consider and adhere to the above information to get around the problem of How to deactivate Instagram id? So above discussed steps are up to the mark and fulfill the purpose or objective of the article. But if you are willing to learn more, you can call directly to the customer support team of the Instagram app to give you precise and accurate information to deactivate the Instagram account. Apart from that if you found the above information is not a good fit, you can share your concern with the authentic department of Instagram so that you can easily overcome the situation to fix this issue.

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