TP-Link Router Customer Service Number

Computer Networking products are manufactured by TP-LINK. Routers of TP-LINK are used everywhere. Wireless, portable, 4G, 3G and broadband routers are manufactured by TP-LINK. Headquarters of TP-LINK are in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Wireless and computer networking products are manufactured in-house by TP-LINK. 

TP-LINK Routers are used widely. Users of TP-LINK routers need online customer support. Problems with routers are not simple. Online support for routers is needed by TP-LINK users. We provide online support + customer service for TP-LINK routers on phone. Contact us on our TP-LINK Router Helpline Number.

A list of problems with Routers:

  1. TP-Link Router not connecting to mobile.
  2. TP-Link Router not turning on
  3. TP-Link Router not resetting
  4. TP-Link Router not working
  5. TP-Link Router not responding
  6. How to install TP-Link router
  7. How to configure TP-Link Wi-Fi router
  8. How to reset TP-Link router password
  9. How to recover TP-Link Wi-Fi password
  10. DNS server not responding TP-Link router

TP-Link Router Helpline Number

Problems listed above are solved by us. And all other router problems are also solved by us. Panel of router troubleshooting engineers is working at our customer care. Contact the certified engineers only on our TP-Link Router Helpline Number.

5 Specialties of our customer care:

  1. All kinds of router problems are solved by us.
  2. Online tools of modem / router troubleshooting are used by us to assist TP-LINK users.
  3. We’re able to help all TP-LINK users. We’re able to solve the problems of TP-LINK users (callers). We know how to satisfy you and all TP-LINK users.
  4. Solutions offered by are 200% safe.
  5. Top quality customer service for routers on phone is offered by us.

And more special features are included in online support + customer service for routers offered by us.  Our customer care is 24/7 open and ready to assist you and all TP-LINK users. Contact the router repairing specialists only on our TP-LINK Router Toll Free Number.

How To Reset TP-LINK Router Password?

  1. Launch any web browser.
  2. Enter the LAN IP address of router in the URL bar. Press Enter.
  3. Enter the username and password in sign in page. (admin is default username and password).
  4. Go to Management >> Access Control >> Password.
  5. Choose your login username. Enter the current password and the new password. Confirm it.
  6. Finally click Save/Apply button.

Hope the steps above help you change TP-LINK router password. Contact the router troubleshooting professionals only on our helpline number (TP-LINK Password Reset Number). We can help you reset, recover, change and create a new TP-LINK router password. Call us.

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